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Studio Sign The Hatchery

Studio Sign The Hatchery

A visitor to the studio told me I was in trouble with the local postman.  When I asked why, he replied, “Your sign.  When he goes past and it’s out, he catches himself waving to it.” Not a bad result, I’m thinking.

Encouraged by my neighbour Darryl of Darryl’s Glass Gallery, here in Sandford, to make my open studio stand out more, I wanted something that would be noticable and also put a smile on the dial of any passersby.  The odd-looking artist, giving a thumbs up, is the result.  Anyone wondering what she’s doing coming out of an egg will soon realise it’s because of the name ‘The Hatchery’ (the same as my blog).  Both are where ideas hatch into creative projects.

The construction was a challenge in recycling – donated wheels from a Weber barbeque, and old drawer, a piece of particle board and other assorted bits and pieces, including two bricks for weight against the strong winds.  Despite two coats of marine varnish, I’m not sure just how well she will withstand the elements.  Time will surely tell.  In the meantime, she serves the purpose well and adds a bit of colour on a grey day.

Anyone visiting the small village of Sandford, in the south west of Victoria, is welcome to stop and say g’day – preferably to me, as well as the colourful woman out front.

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