About The Hatchery

Without words, art, and wildlife, and folk to share them with, what a sad and silent place planet Earth would be. I hope my words and art encourage a smile,  and your own self-expression – in whatever form brings a touch of magic into your day.

You’ll find the Hatchery’s mother site at http://www.aptmedium.com.au

My three great passions – writing, artwork and nature – have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  As a solitary child (yes, I had friends and family, though much time was spent in my own company) I developed a love of the written word and all manner of creative expression.  Add to that a continuing awe and wonder in Mother Nature, and you have someone who was either reading, writing, making something, bringing home lost dogs or found kittens, or investigating how a flower is put together.

Thinking about it, I suppose I should really have three, or even four blogs, one for each of my three passions and another for ruminations on life.  Quite frankly, I  prefer indulging in one of said passions, and experiencing life, than trying to keep up with entries on four blogs.  So, if you’re interested in my take on any of these areas of ‘being’, you can check out a category, or two.

I find life is like that.  Never clear cut or singularly defined, but rather a conglomerate of impressions, actions and thoughts, all interconnected and overlapping.  It’s what makes living, and people, so fascinating.