Life’s Like That

The Fingers of Fate - woodcut - Jenn White

The Fingers of Fate - woodcut - Jenn White

The above print was done for an exchange with an on-line international group of printmakers.  When I first did the design, it was a bit of whimsy, but the theme, of being manipulated by outside forces, quickly became reality.

I suppose I’m a bit of a control freak and circumstances, mostly concerning family members and  health issues, soon impacted in unexpected ways.  Weeks led to months of me feeling as if I had no control over any aspect of my life.  I admit, I tend to take on too much.  Between the needs of family, self-care, group involvement, art commitments, writing and editing…  Well things got out of hand.

Letting go, letting circumstances (or the Universe) control one’s life, at least for a while is not always a bad thing.  Lessons can be learned, and expectations, especially of oneself, can be put aside.  The dust on the bookshelves is a landscape in itself.  My ex-mother-in-law would be horrified at  the accumulation of shoes, wood-chips, and all manner of  items waiting to be moved to the shed that currently clutter the back porch.  For her, a neat entry was the sign of a well-lived life.

Visitors may have to negotiate an obstacle course to get to the back door, and clear a place at the table once inside the cottage, but the welcome over coffee is no less warm for all that.  Allowing the Fingers of Fate to move us like pieces on a chess board can be frustrating or, instead of struggling against the currents in a turbulent sea it can be a chance to go with the flow.  I vote for the latter.

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