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Perplexed About Priorities

So much for great intentions.  Having begun my new blog, I was determined to be regular with postings, but here it is, two weeks gone by without talking to myself, at least, on here. My self-chatter can be troubling to … Continue reading

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Creative Storms

There is something electrifying about a summer storm, apart from the obvious, when the backyard is a dust bowl and the water level in the fish pond drops by a couple of centimetres each day. On my way home from … Continue reading

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Printmaking on the Cheap

Last year, while participating in an Arts Pathways course in Castlemaine, I fell head-over-heels, totally in love.  I became completely enamoured.  No, not with either tutor or fellow student, but with a process.  The process of printmaking.  I’d done lino … Continue reading

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