Pacifying the Muse

Elf Man woodcut

Neglected - woodcut

There’s nothing like have-to-do manual work to get the Muse throwing herself on the ground and kicking her feet in a tantrum and the Idea Fairies turning their backs on me, in a huff.  There are times when, call and cajole as I might, they all remain silent, hiding and sulking.  This past week, though, their tantrums have been of mind-splitting intensity.  I’m not ignoring them.  I’m taking notes.

Being one who either has too many ideas coming at her at once, or peers in vain into an idea-vacuum, I’m battling a time of the former while yearning for the latter, just for the next few days.  With more rain predicted for this coming weekend, renovations on the shed take precedence over art time.  The backyard looks like a demolition site, with what was once housed inside the shed scattered around the place, along with off-cuts of wood, rusty nails, screws and tools.

The plan is to rearrange the studio, to allow more space for visitors during the Castlemaine State Festival in April, and rodent proof the shed for additional storage.  I’m getting there.  Me being me, I want it finished…now!  But to achieve that, I have to do the actual work.  The Fairies that live in my garden are great at imparting ideas, but they tend not to want to get their own hands dirty, scratched or hammered.  I can’t say I blame them.  Though I do get a bit frustrated when they buzz around my head, whispering or screeching for attention while I’m up the ladder, struggling to hold a plank of timber, hammer and nails, as well as trying to keep my balance.

I have faith that, come the end of the week when the shed is finished and the studio sorted, when I tap them on the shoulder, one by one, the Muse and Idea Fairies will forgive my seeming indifference and bestow their magic.  If not, I’ll just have to urge them with a concentrated bout of vacuuming…

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