Accepting Compromise

Dreams Inside Sketch

Dreams Inside Sketch

Signing up for the 2010 Sketchbook Project at the Art House Co-op in May last year seemed like a great idea at the time.  However, when the actual sketch book hadn’t arrived by the beginning of October, I was really sweating.  Amiable  communication with the organisers resulted in the discovery that the mailing provider had fallen down on their obligation to good service.  A replacement sketchbook was dispatched.

It arrived mid November. Not a lot of time to fill even the small book by mid January, especially with Christmas prep and family ceremony intruding on sketching time.

Still, what are challenges for but to stretch us out of our customary shape?

The paper is thin.  I had thought of doing what some other artists have done in the past – dismantling the book and rebinding in some other form while retaining the size.  Limited time, which was rocketing past, made that impracticable.  I would work with what I’d been given, though soon discovered the pages wrinkle in protest when subjected to glue.  Ah, well.

I’d have loved the time to take my time, to fill every single leaf with artwork.  Instead, I’ve accepted the limitations, enforced by circumstances out of my control.  I’m doing my best, given the constraints, gluing (around the edges only, now) two pages together.  I’m compromising in areas other than my personal values.  It’s important, to me, to be pleased with what I produce.

Perhaps a certain level of compromise, dictated by circumstances, will be my watch-phrase for 2011. Already, it has flowed on to the updating of Apt Medium‘s web site, which was long overdue.  There is little fanfare and more relevant information.  Yes, I admire some web sites that are elaborate and sometimes wild, but my technological skills don’t run to all the bells and whistles others find a breeze to incorporate.  I’m much more comfortable with paint, pen and pencil and real-life cut and paste.  As I’m doing with the little sketchbook.

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