A Little Bit of ATC Magic

ATC Art Doll Fairy

Norris the ATC Art Doll Fairy

I decided I needed a little bit of magic in my life, so what better way to achieve that than to make it.

Some time ago, while surfing somewhere on these virtual waves, I came across an ATC art doll and was fascinated with the technique and the effect.  Last week, I came across another site with several of these ATC characters.  I had to give it a go.  Added inspiration was some lovely green textured paper, provided by Connie, from the Paper Traders group, in a recent ‘stash’ swap.

It took me a couple of goes to get Norris’s proportions right, and even now he seems a bit beefy in the arms, to me.  Still, he needs muscles to move the nasturtiums around when hiding from humans and the neighbourhood cats.

I used the green paper from Connie for the background and the wings, as it has ‘veins’ in it that reminded me of butterfly wings, and in turn, fairy wings.  I collaged the paper onto the card in a mosaic-sort-of-way, in the hope that the background and wings would blend together, at least a bit.

ATC art doll - Norris the fairy tucked in

Norris - free-falling? - all tucked in.

As I worked out how and where to attach his limbs, head, and wings, I was rather glad there was no one around.  Folk already think I’m slightly (?) eccentric, without seeing me talking to a paper doll!

After I got my head around the how and where, I set about dressing him and adding his features with acrylic paint.  Norris probably needs to be sealed or lacquered for durability, but I was too impatient to see how he turned out.  Soon, I’ll dismantle him – with humble apologies – and give him a coat of something durable.

With some card, split pins, textured paper and acrylic paints, how much fun I had, making a new friend!

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2 Responses to A Little Bit of ATC Magic

  1. keron lee says:

    oooo this is very clever Jenn – well done! love it!

  2. hatchery says:

    Thanks, Keron. Had fun making a bit of whimsy and seeing him ‘come to life’.

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