Wisdom of the Muse

Artist Trading Card - Wisdom

Artist Trading Card - Wisdom

I’ll have to stop saying, “I love a challenge.”  A recent project with the Paper Traders group has bent my mind and patience out of shape.  The reason for my angst? A theme of ‘white on white’ for an Artist Trading Card (ATC) swap.

After selecting collage materials and clippings  considered perfect for the theme, I discovered just how grey, fawn, and coloured was my perception of ‘white’.  The card featured in this post is a reject.  However, I am happy to keep it.  I enjoyed making it and the message seems appropriate for this moment.

How many times do we wish for a wise fairy godmother, or even a wise-ish goblin, to appear and tell us exactly which way to jump, which road to follow, or where time spent would do the most good, for us and for others.  Or is it only me that often yearns for otherworldly direction?

An excursion at the weekend to ArtMelbourne offered a feast of the visual kind.  Okay, so there were some artworks I wouldn’t have given tuppence to own.  On the other hand, I lingered long, entranced, enthralled, and admiring the skill and imagination evident in numerous other pieces.  The Muse was definitely present in the artists’ lives.

Walking around the vast spaces of the Exhibition Buildings, looking at a myriad of artwork, the thing that struck me most was willingness of the artists to listen to their Muses.  Whether I ‘liked’ their work or not was  irrelevant.  They listened to and followed their own inner wisdom.  They all expressed themselves, and depicted their environment, in their own way.  We might live in a society riddled with rules and regulations – to the point where we are often prevented from taking responsibility for ourselves – but through art we can interpret our lives, living conditions, and the world at large, the way we see it.

White to one person isn’t necessarily white to another.  How fortunate we are to all see life through different eyes, and have the company of very different Muses.

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  1. Marion says:

    Your Wisdom card is great, Jenn!

  2. hatchery says:

    Thanks, Marion. Have just been cruising at your blog! Love your work, all of it.

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