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Welcome to the Virtual Home of Jenn White Writer, Editor and Artist

Apt Medium's Virtual HomeWriting, Editing and Making Art all use different parts of the brain. Each calls differently to my heart, mind and spirit.

As a writer, I understand the all-consuming need to put words to paper. Writing is a passion. However, it is one thing to write, another to have that writing understood, acknowledged, appreciated by readers and, accepted by publishers.

As an editor, I know it is not good enough to merely tell a story or impart the facts. I understand the importance of stringing words into sentences that make sense, logically and grammatically, and encourage the reader to turn the page. Like most writers, I miss things when I edit my own work. I'm too close to it. I enlist another editor's advice.

As an artist, I rejoice in the creative process, in whatever visual form it may take. Making art for me is akin to going on vacation. The hours evaporate, and mixed with the joy of having 'made' something, there is always a twinge of regret at reaching the end of the project - until the next time.

Scroll down to discover what each room of my home contains - or click on the relevant button on the menu above, if you know which room you would like to step into. Enjoy your visit.

Writers' Services - The Den

The Den

Manuscript Assessments and Editing Services

Disheartened by rejections?

Unsure where and how your writing could be improved?

Working with you, the writer and owner of the work, I provide a range of services to suit your specific needs. At whatever stage of development you have reached in your craft, I will assist you to optimise strengths and minimise weaknesses in your writing. You and your manuscript matter to me. I offer professional, honest, and constructive assistance as you work towards your dream.

Discovery Assessments - A wise choice for budget-conscious writers and those needing a prelimary report on their work in-progress. Working with a portion of your manuscript, I provide a detailed appraisal that acknowledges your writing strengths to build on and aspects needing improvement. Find details here.

Want to help a struggling writer? If you know someone stumbling along the path towards publication who would appreciate professional advice, an Apt Medium Writing Services Gift Voucher would be the perfect gift. Contact me to arrange something to suit your budget and their needs.


Life Story Kits and Family History

The Heritage Room

Family and Personal History

Every life is a story that deserves to be shared. Sharing our personal and family histories can enlighten, benefit, encourage, and even entertain, younger or future generations.

How many times have you wondered about your ancestors? How many questions do you long to ask, but no longer have the opportunity? By recording the details of your own life you won't leave your descendants frustrated with wondering.


The Life Story Kit is a simple but attractive means of recording your personal history. An ideal way of noting the important elements and events, it serves as either a starting point to more in-depth memoirs, or a chronicle of events and personal impressions. It also makes a wonderful gift, enabling relatives to record memories before they are lost. Find it in the Store.

Life Story Kit


"Writing the Journey of Your Life - Useful Guideposts" provides proven methods and authors' devices to infuse life into written personal and family histories. The booklet is available from the Store.

Writing the Journey


Artwork in the Studio

The Studio


Tour the galleries to see paintings, mixed media, altered books and gift books, art journals, and printmaking.

Arch Book

Elf Man Print



The Hatchery

The Blog

Where you can eavesdrop on my thoughts and life, see some of my current artwork and discover (and perhaps benefit from) my personal tribulatons and joys of being a writer and artist.


The Library


At present, you will find writers' resources, though other resources will be added as time permits.

Writers in the early stages of developing their craft are often uncertain about publishers' requirements. In the Library you will find self-editing and formatting tips.




The Visiting Room

Project Collaboration

Over the years, my passion for and skills in writing, editing and artwork have been successfully combined in single projects. I also have a sense of humour, which always helps. It doesn't hurt to ask...

A past collaboration has found new life in Romance Revival Packs. If you're interested, you will find details by scrolling down on the Collaboration page.


Project Examples

The Store

Rates and Ordering

Exactly what it appears - the place to investigate costs of services and products, and to place an order for whatever I can offer that you would like.



Again, what the title infers - Links, mostly writing related at present, which will be added to.

Wildlife Rescue

The Shelter

Wildlife Rescue

Being at the bottom of the list does not mean Wildlife Rescue is low on my priorities. My passion for the welfare of Aussie Wildlife is intense. If you'd like to know more about my involvement, how you can help, or you are just curious, step out onto my veranda.


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