Feathers ruffled, but I’m here!

Tawny Frogmouth

He looks like I feel

After almost three solid days of updating and uploading updates to the Apt Medium web site, as well as battling with the foreign language of code, correcting typos (mine!) in links, and setting up a blog that I like the look and feel of, I’m feeling very bemused.  A lot like this little fella.

Kermit the Tawny Frogmouth is one of the feathered friends I have reared and released in my role as a ‘wildlifer’.  He’s been flying free for quite some time, unlike his foster mum, who is exhausted from flapping her wings – both from frustration and the heat of what’s promising to be a long, hot summer.

This meagre post is to say, even if only to myself – G’day and welcome to The Hatchery.

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2 Responses to Feathers ruffled, but I’m here!

  1. Janet B. says:

    That is the most gorgeous photo I have only ever seen adults, I had a lovely surf around your website, you might be interested in some of the birds that come to my fountain in Townsville. http://loriidae.blogspot.com/ – My art blog is listed below Janet B. (Paper Traders)

  2. hatchery says:

    Hi Janet, Thanks for dropping by and staying a while. Kermie was an orphan and only two pompoms and a beak when he came into care. Release time was a heart-wrench, but also amazing to see him take off to do what Frogmouths do. I’m sure you’ll have some different feathered friends up north. Off to visit your blogs.

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