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Altered CD

Altered CD - magnet or coaster

I’ve always been a hoarder and, unfortunately, have passed on the hoarding gene to my children.  My son recently conducted a sort-and-turf assault on the stacks of boxes that filled a third of the shed.  Unearthed were numerous childhood treasures, including Castle Grey Skull, along with He-Man and his cohorts.  Luckily, foraging rats (always present in the bush) had only shredded the newspaper packing, and left the heroes and villains alone, though they were in dire need of a long bath in strong disinfectant.

As fast as my son went through the boxes, I was equally quick in snaffling anything that held possibilities for altered art; dice from that box, books from another, a plastic cowboy, and squillions of CDs and cases.

Ah, the joy.

First up is a ‘magnetic coaster’. Undecided, I chose a coaster that’s stuck to the fridge for easy access.  Naturally.  In a hoarder’s home things need to be visible to be found!  And, the art-related comment reminds me that no matter what sort of art I’m making, or for whom, it is a gift.

No doubt, after I’m gone, boxes of potential ‘gifts’ and most of the ‘found’ items in my stash, will end up as landfill, when the kids clean out their inheritance (glad I won’t be around to hear the swearing and cursing!).  There are so many lovely pictures I’ve saved over the years, it’s a shame to see them go to waste, but I can’t take them with me…or can I?

A couple of weeks ago while in the library, I spotted a book on making your own coffin. A bit of an odd shape, but I’m sure it would be a cinch to alter.

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2 Responses to Thinking Outside the Box

  1. Aimeslee says:

    LOL, Jenny, fine and funny story, love the idea of making one’s own coffin! Well, we all need one, right? LOL Hey, welcome to Paper Traders! So happy to see you have entered my Valentine Quickie swap! Your entry is gorgeous! xoxo, Aimeslee

  2. admin says:

    Will see if the book’s available. So many ideas and not nearly enough years left! Just visited Paper Paisleys and realise I’m not a lone hoarder 🙂 It’s so nice to be understood!

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