Pinning Down the Idea Fairy

Idea Fairy ATC

Idea Fairy ATC

While in the throes of finishing off work for the upcoming open studio for the Castlemaine State Festival, I’ve been continually dive-bombed by pesky mosquitoes.  Now, I  discover the act of creation has agitated the Idea Fairy.  Faster on the wing than the mozzies, he drops ideas, some as light as fluff, others hitting like half a brick.  The smell of excitement mingles with that of printing ink, adding to the high that comes with work in progress.

As if I haven’t got enough to finish, in less than two weeks, this spunky little bloke distracts and entices me to consider new projects to cram into the disappearing days, and nights.

Last night, it was after midnight before I came in from the studio, the cause, a new wood engraving.  After having dinner with a friend, I decided I’d go out and do just a little bit more.  Three hours later…

There’s no doubt about time flying when I’m having fun.  It’s as if the world speeds up, spins faster on its axis, transporting me into the future in sudden leaps. There’s a frantic note to each new day, the previous one marked off the calendar leading up to my work being on show.  There are moments of panic. Will folk come to look at my work? Will they like what they see? Will they ‘get it’? Will I get it finished? What if the new prints aren’t dry in time to be handled and displayed?

Thinking about all the ‘wills’ and what ifs’ makes my head spin.  I don’t have time for that.  Nor do I have time for any more than jotting down all the ideas the Fairy is dumping on me. Maybe, if the gods smile on me and I finish ahead of schedule (there will be a miracle!) I will tackle another idea on the growing list.  Meanwhile, I’ll refrain from swatting at the Idea Fairy.  The wind from his frantically beating wings might just help dry the prints.

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