Ageing, Thankfully

Abundance ATC

Abundance ATC

Often, in the bustle of getting on with life, paying bills, and fulfilling responsibilities, gratitudes get lost in the mish-mash.

A recent birthday – I think I’ll stop counting – had me reviewing my life and looking ahead to what I want to accomplish in the coming year.  It’s a tradition I began some years ago, a chance to pause and review my goals, as well as count my Blessings.

Regrets are less frequent than when I was younger, which is a blessing in itself.  There is nothing worse for the spirit than dwelling on ‘mistakes’ or less than perfect choices.  We all make decisions based on the knowledge and circumstances we have at any given time.  Okay, so not all choices turn out to be what we anticipated, but that’s a fundamental of life.

As I’ve matured, and aged, I’ve allowed fewer opportunities for small adventures to pass by.  There are moments when I think a more adventurous spirit would have been beneficial when I was younger.  Then, I cared too much about what other people thought.  It held me back.

With age comes wisdom, or so it seems.  I’m so busy getting on with and enjoying my own life that I have neither the time nor inclination to study others’ doings with a critical eye.  And perhaps that’s how it should be, and mostly is.  Too often I have attributed too much power to ‘imaginary’ critics.

I’m learning wood engraving, by doing and with the aid of a mentor.  Old habits die hard.  It took me over a week to make the first mark on the wood.  What if I can’t do it properly?  What if it’s a disaster and I waste the precious block?  What if my eyes are too dim to even see what I’m doing?

Who needs outside critics with such a vocal inner gremlin?!

Like the adventurous Thomas Edison, I learn many ways how not to do things until I achieve something verging on success.  After that, I either continue to hone the skill, or I am content with having at least given it my best shot.

Although others’ opinions are no longer paramount for self-worth, it’s always a buzz when something I do or create inspires favourable comments.  During recent art shows, two of my works received notice by the judges.  They were works which I was pleased with.  They made me smile.  They also made others smile.  What a blessing.

Ah, yes, the wood engraving.  My first attempt is not ‘perfect’, but why would it be?  Like all creative endeavours, it’s a journey.  One which I  have begun.  Today I will see how it prints.  I’ll let you know.

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13 Responses to Ageing, Thankfully

  1. teri says:

    I so agree!! I used to care an awful lot about what people thought of me. What a blessing has come with maturity that I’ve learned to nurture the inner me and to protect it from the voice that says, “really? you think that’s good?” Because now I can say, “Yeah. It’s good enough. I’m good enough.” It’s freeing. Loved reading your blog. xo-teri

  2. Fantastic ATC!! She’s a glorious cornucopia of joy, life experiences, and lessons learned!

  3. I love what you have to say about aging, Jenn! I’m taking the same tack on it here. Gratitude is the key, I find. Good for you!

  4. Great ATC and wise outlook on life. I’m not sure we can have that outlook in the early years. That is when we are finding our way and everyone’s opinions do seem so important at that point. I am learning to care more about what I want over what anyone wants for me. I liked your title to your post Ageing, Thankfully. It reminds me that not all of us get to age so I need to appreciate it.

  5. hatchery says:

    Thanks Timaree. I guess it’s true that wisdom, at least a certain amount, comes with age. Having ‘outlived’ some of my close friends, I agree about appreciating getting older. Even the lousy days are to be celebrated – at least they come around.

  6. hatchery says:

    Hi Cindy, Thanks for stopping by. There are still days when I have to consciously pause and count my blessings, but it’s becoming more of a welcome habit.

    Visited your blog, but found I can’t comment, so will do it here… Your bird is gorgeous and the berries look good enough to eat. It’s wonderful when we live past, rather than up to our own expectations of our abilities, as you obviously have while undertaking the journaling course. It’s great that we can all at times surprise ourselves.

  7. hatchery says:

    Thanks Tammy. Found the image of the overflowing goodies and thought it was good enough to ‘wear’ 🙂

  8. hatchery says:

    Peer and social pressure when we’re younger has a lot to answer for, but fortunately most of us do reach the stage where we realise we are good enough, as people, individuals and ‘creatives’. I agree, it is freeing. Thanks for dropping in, Teri. xo

  9. svt dreamer says:

    Eating, loving, singing and digesting are, in actuality, the four acts of the mirthful opera known as freshness, and they pass like bubbles of a grit of champagne. Whoever lets them break without having enjoyed them is a entire fool.

  10. admin says:

    I agree entirely, dreamer. Have done and savoured all four ‘acts’ today, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Mind you, with the aches in the bod after all the weeding I also did today makes me think I’d rather be doing the other things.

  11. livelybrowsers says:

    Thanks for good stuff

  12. hatchery says:

    Thanks, Kristen. The ATC was a fun thing to do, starting with a magazine picture of a tiered platter of nature’s abundance… and went from there. Definitely in keeping with my thoughts at the time.

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